Window Cleaning White City W12

Window CleanerWhether you need cleaning of the windows in your home, business property or rented flat, we can do the work fast and effectively. Our team of cleaning specialists can cope with every task leaving the windows in your home impeccable and rid of smears.

They can wash and polish the internal and external windows, located on the first, second or on multiples stores. Rely on our team of professional cleaners to ensure the impeccable condition of your windows, ledges and frames. Our window cleaning services are available in White City W12 and can be booked over the phone, by e-mail or using our online form.

“The next time I need window cleaning, I’ll stick with your company. I’m very delighted with the results you produced the last time. Once I find a company that’s worth it, I stick with it. I think yours is a good pick. See you next time!” – Theodore

Window Cleaners in White City

Window Cleaning Services Internal External
One Bedroom Property £10 £30
Two Bedroom Property £20 £40
Three Bedroom Property £25 £55
Four Bedroom Property £30 £65

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Our window cleaning services are carried out according to the height of the windows and the safety requirements. They can include:

  • Using of a carbon fibre pole system which leaves no smears
  • Utilizing a Reach and Wash system directly from the ground for windows up to 65 feet high
  • Using biodegradable and efficient cleaning solutions
  • Cleaning window frames and ledges
  • Applying purified water to wash the dirt and ensure streak free window cleaning

You can order our excellent window cleaning services which we provide in White City whenever your windows get dusty, dirty and have smudges. Our team of cleaning technicians can cope with every job no matter if your windows are on the second, third or upper floor. They use very effective tools for reaching high windows and can provide the washing and wiping of the glasses from the ground with the help of specialized equipment.

Domestic and Commercial Window Cleaning

Outside Window CleaningLeave the cleaning of the windows in their hands you can be sure that the results will be very professional.

Our staff have cleaned windows in various domestic, commercial and business properties and know how to do the work. They are supplied with the latest equipment of technologies and tools that can reach windows located up to 65 feet height. Use our excellent window cleaning services that we provide in and near W12 White City during weekdays, weekends and bank holidays. You will have perfectly washed and polished windows that will offer you a clear view from your home.

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